10 Steps to Successfully Sell Your Naperville Home

Preparing to put your Naperville IL home up for sale can be daunting.

On top of the many challenges of preparing the home and the documents,  you also have to think of your competition.

Other sellers are also taking measures to ensure that their houses look great and appealing to buyers.

How do you compete in such a tight market?

First,  you have to make sure your home is the best, both in price and appeal.

The next steps? You’ll find it all here in this guide to successfully sell your home.

Infographic of how to successfully sell Naperville home.

Step 1. Price it right!

One of the most difficult decisions you have to make as a seller is knowing how much to sell your house for.

Price, along with the condition of the home, are the two major factors that determine the success (or failure) of your home selling journey.

Price it too high and it may not sell. Price it too low and you’ll end up losing money.

How do you set the value of your home? Take advice from the Property Brothers on HGTV about pricing your house.

What are some takeaways from the video?

1. Don’t overprice. Buyers are smart, well-informed and have access to a lot of information, thanks to online listings.

They’ll know you’ve overpriced the house and it will end up ignored and get stale, even if it is in the best Naperville subdivisions. Eventually, you’ll be forced to chase the market price down.

A familiar quote in real estate says:

“Price it right, it stays overnight. Price it wrong, it stays on too long.”

2. Do your research! Never price your home without understanding what’s going on in the local market. This is where your Realtor® can really help.

Your agent can prepare a Comparative Market Analysis so you can be properly informed before  deciding on a listing price.

Using data from the comparables (a list of recently sold homes of similar size, structure and price as yours) can tell you exactly how much other buyers are willing to pay for the properties.

But don’t ignore active listings as well because they tell you what your competition is priced at.

Doing research will also tell you what type of market your house is in right now.

Is it a seller’s market or a buyer’s market? If it is a seller’s market, you’re in luck! You’ll likely receive multiple offers and sell your home fast.

3. Factor in your selling strategy. Are you planning to sell the house soon or are you willing to wait for the right offer?

If you intend to sell as soon as possible, dropping the price by 5% can get you multiple offers. These multiple offers will drum up the prices, so you can still sell the home for a good price.

Step 2. Get the best agent

If you’re torn between FSBO (For Sale by Owner) and getting the help of an agent, consider this: Statistics show your home can be sold for a higher price if you sell it with a Realtor®.

According to the National Association of Realtor®’s 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the average FSBO sales price was $185,000, while the average price for homes represented by an agent was $245,000.

That’s a $60,000 difference!

Why hire a Realtor®? Because home selling is a time-consuming process!

Aside from preparing the home doing repairs and improvements, you also have to market it, get it ready for home inspections, do home showings and go over a mountain of legal documents!

If you have a job, it can be difficult to do all that.

That’s why you need a real estate agent, and the best one at that.

Since there are many real estate agents in Naperville it can be tempting to just choose the first one you met and use his or her services. Please don’t do that.

Instead, consider the value of the home you want to list.

Your home is probably your biggest financial investment, so you need to put some extra effort to find the right agent.

Check out my three-step process in looking for the best real estate agent in Naperville.

1. Create a shortlist of agents in your area. Get personal recommendations from family, friends, coworkers, etc. Search online for agents with a strong internet presence.

Did you know that nine out of ten home buyers use the internet as their first source of information?

Look for the agent with a solid internet presence to ensure that your listing will show up in the right places online.

2. Talk to them. Interview each of them and ask your prepared questions.

Learn about their marketing style. Check if they have a strong online presence.

3. Choose the best agent. Pick the one who has the experience, skills and delivers the answers you need.

You want an agent you can trust, someone who listens and who you’re comfortable with.

I can write down a long list of reasons why you should work with me, but I’d rather have my previous clients speak for me. Please visit http://www.DowntownNapervilleHomesForSale.com/reviews/ to see the kind of service I provide my clients.Naperville IL Homes - Selling your Naperville home is easy with the help of the best Realtor in Naperville, Teresa Ryan.

Step 3. Make the necessary repairs.

Buyers will pay top dollar for a move-in ready home.

If you want buyers to love your  River Run home, it must be in the best condition possible.

Taking care of repairs and defects is the best way to get your place move-in ready.

While there is no limit to the number of repairs you can make, you also have to consider your budget.

Be smart and find out the most effective repairs that are good for both your pocket and the home’s ROI.

Here are some of the most common repairs to consider before putting your house for sale.

  • Fix any leaks in the roof.
  • Replace any missing shingles.
  • Patch cement cracks in sidewalks.
  • Fix leaking faucets and dripping toilers.
  • Re-apply the caulking around toilets and sinks.
  • Replace chipped and broken tiles.
  • Replace all hardware and fixtures like knobs and cabinet handles.
  • Fix broken windows and damaged screens.
  • Patch and fill any holes or scruff marks on the walls.
  • Touch up all the baseboards.
  • Replace broken and burned out lights.
  • Fix doors, windows, and doors that jam.

Don’t forget to paint!

Naperville IL Homes for Sale - Learn how to maximize your Naperville home’s potential.

Giving your interior and exterior a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for its look. The right paint color can make your interior bright and spacious. It can make your exterior look great and inviting.

This list is meant to be a general guide. Please remember that each house is different. Always consult with your agent before doing repairs and updates.

A good Realtor® will walk through your home and give you a list of all the repairs and improvements your home needs.

Step 4. Improvements and Updates

Repairs will get the home in good condition, but when you want to sell fast, updates and improvements can make your house more enticing to buyers.

Not all updates are appealing to buyers, nor to your pocket.

Some improvements are not practical and have very little return. Before you go knocking down walls or adding storage spaces, consult with your agent.

Take a look at the five best updates that gives good returns.


  • Minor kitchen upgrade.

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is the most important room to update.

But you don’t have to spend thousands to update it.

Here’s a great video from HGTV that shows how to update your kitchen for less than $500.


  • Update the bathroom. 

Another prime spot to renovate is the bathroom.

Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs Value 2017 report says that you only get a 64.8% ROI for a major beautification project, but a minor $100 update would give you a much higher ROI.

Here’s how you can update the bathroom on a budget.

  • Improve landscaping.  

Sometimes, homeowners focus too much on the inside, but you need to remember that buyers form their first impression within 20 seconds, and that’s while they are still outside the house.

So you better make sure that you clean the front yard, prune the shrubs, mow the lawn, and add some colorful plants to make your front yard look more welcoming.

  • Attic insulation.  

This home update has been on top of the list of Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs Value for two years now, and it has an impressive ROI of 107.7%.

If you want to ensure you get back every penny you spend on an update, this is the one you should go for.

  • Entry door replacement 

With a whopping 90.7% ROI, this update is both practical and adds value to the house. Who doesn’t want that?

Here’s a tip to remember when doing updates: It should be consistent with the quality and style of the home.

Top-of-the-line kitchen appliances won’t really appeal to the buyer if your kitchen floors are still in a leftover from the 70’s.

Step 5. Make the first impression count!

Buyers form their first impressions within seconds after seeing the house. As sellers, we must make sure that their first impression of your house is fantastic!

How do we achieve that? Wayfair.com shares some budget-friendly tips for great curb appeal.

You don’t need to spend a lot to make a good first impression. You just need to be a little creative and add some color to your front yard.

Check out this video which shows before and after photos of homes after improving their curb appeal.

Those after photos are impressive, enticing and really appealing to buyers!

Step 6. Clean, Declutter, and Depersonalize

Now that you’ve finished taking care of the curb appeal, it is time to work on the interior.

Your first step? Decluttering.

You’re probably thinking it should be cleaning, but it is much easier to clean when you’ve cleared your home of excess items.

Decluttering will help open up space, giving your interior a more open and brighter look, which buyers love.

It also helps the buyer envision the home better. Too much stuff in the house can be distracting.

Go ahead and start sorting your belongings.

Pack your books, shoe collection, toys and other items that you don’t use every day.

Donate items you will never use again and throw away items that are already broken.

Find out Melissa’s tips on decluttering from Clean My Space.

Once you’ve decluttered all the rooms in your house, you should have freed at least a good amount of space.

This is the perfect time to start cleaning.

Clean everything.

Clean the walls, wash the windows, remove any cobwebs, wipe all the counters and cabinets, scrub any spots or stains on the kitchen appliances, make sure that everything is clean and shiny.

Better yet, get professional cleaners. They can help make your house look spotless and pristine, which is how buyers want it.

Another important step to do in preparing your  Breckenridge Naperville home for sale is to depersonalize.

This part can be emotionally challenging especially if you have many memories in the home.

Depersonalizing means letting go of the house and treating it as a product you have to sell instead of a home.

It means neutralizing the house so it can look favorable to any potential buyers.

Remove any personal decor, paintings, religious artifacts, photos, and any other furniture that reflects your taste.

Paint your interior with a neutral tone.

This makes it easier for buyers to visualize how their belongings will fit, and how their decor will look on the walls.

Step 7. Stage it!

The best way to make buyers want your home is to stage it.

Staging is the act of preparing a home so it creates the right mood for the buyer.

It helps the buyers have ideas on how he or she can decorate the home to make it his or her own.

Did you know that staged homes sell faster and for a higher price than unstaged homes?

In NAR 2017 Profile of Home Staging, 77% of buyers find a staged home easier to visualize as their future home.

The living room is the most common room to be staged, followed by the kitchen, master bedroom, dining room, bathroom, outdoor space and the rest of the bedrooms.

Don’t know how to do home staging?

Watch this video to find out great ideas you can use for your house.

Better yet, seek professional help. Ask your Realtor® for a recommendation.

Getting your home staged is of the best decisions you’ll do in your home selling journey.

Step 8. Take professional photos.

Homes for Sale in Naperville IL - ,A professional photograph will bring out the best features of your Naperville home for sale.

In real estate, a single photo of your home can do so much.

Buyers love beautiful homes, and when they check online, their attention gravitates towards homes with spectacular photos.

If you want your house to attract the attention of buyers right away, get it professionally photographed!

A stunning picture tells a story. It highlights the best parts of your home.

A professional who works in real estate photography know the right angle, direction, and light to get the most desirable result for the property.

The photos will be used to market your Downtown Naperville home, populating various online listings as well as in preparing brochures for the open house.

Step 9. Maintain it for showing.

If you are still living in the house you are selling.  then one of the challenges you’ll face when your home has been staged is to keep it clean and clutter-free for showings.

This is especially difficult if you have small children or pets.

It is important that you have a schedule of daily tasks that will help maintain the cleanliness of the home.

Take a look at this checklist to help you maintain your home for showings:

✔ Put trash cans away.

✔ All toys (bikes, balls, dolls, etc) are hidden.

✔ Personal items like bills, letters and magazines are put away in a box (or car trunk).

✔ Kitchen and bathroom counters are clean.

✔ Make sure all the dishes are washed, and the sink is clean.

✔ Wipe the stove and refrigerator door.

✔ Empty all garbage bins in the kitchen and toilet.

✔ Straighten the living room.

✔ Sweep the floor.

✔ Take care of the laundry.

✔ Open windows to let in fresh air and blinds and curtains to let the light in.

✔ Turn on all the interior lights, including the under cabinet lighting.

✔ Check home temperature. Make sure it is comfortable.

✔ Make sure the beds are made.

✔ Take pets out of the house.

✔ Do a sniff test. Make sure the house does not smell.

✔ Secure all important items, including documents and jewelry.

If you really cannot keep up with the maintenance, hire a cleaner. It’s going to cost a little more, but you’ll be sure that the house is impeccably clean.

And while we are on the subject of how showing, another tip to ensure your house will sell fast is to keep it accessible for showings.

Give your Realtor® a duplicate key so and stay away from the house during showings.

This will make the buyer feel more comfortable asking all his or her questions to the agent, which he or she cannot do otherwise if you’re present.

Step 10. Negotiate the right deal. 

Naperville IL Homes - Selling your Naperville home is easy with the help of the best Realtor in Naperville, Teresa Ryan.

If you’ve done steps one to nine conscientiously, you will receive several offers. With the help of your agent, go over the offers.

Then it’s time for the next step – deciding which offer to accept.

Once you’ve chosen a particular offer, you need to reject the other offers. Then with your Realtor®, decide if you want to do a counteroffer, or accept the offer as is.

In negotiating, you need to be flexible, open-minded and unemotional, which is why it is best to let your Realtor® handle the negotiations.

When the buyer agrees to your counteroffer, then it’s time for the house to go into escrow, and then the closing. Very soon, you’ll hand over the right and all documents of the property to the buyer.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully sold your home.

Putting your Naperville home for sale can be challenging but with this 10-step formula, you’re on your way to a much smoother home selling journey.

Call me, Teresa Ryan, at 630-718-0424. With my team and I, you get the service you deserve. Trust us to make your real estate journey easy and stress free.

East Highlands Naperville Homes for Sale

A conveniently located community

East Highlands is a much sought-after neighborhood located on the northeast corner of W Hillside Rd and S Washington St. It is only a mile away from Downtown Naperville, it’s proximity makes it a highly desirable location for many home seekers.

But location is just the beginning of the numerous advantages this community offers. There are plenty of other reasons why home seekers love East Highlands homes for sale.

Homes for Sale in East Highlands Naperville

The East Highlands neighborhood

East Highlands is a community of single family homes. It offers a serene and peaceful setting with its lovely winding lanes and mature trees.

It’s a great place that offers privacy and a haven for its residents.  The streets of this neighborhood is lined with beautiful lush trees, perfect for those who love long walks, afternoon strolls, or early morning runs.

This neighborhood also benefits from DuPage River running from its western through its southern lots, providing a more enriched and vibrant environment for the residents to enjoy.

Being a stone’s throw away from the heart of Naperville means also enjoying the best medical facilities. The Edward Hospital Main Campus is set across this neighborhood, ensuring you’ll have immediate health assistance when needed.

Another perk of living in East Highlands is having a highly acclaimed school within the community. If you have school-aged children, they will surely benefit from going to Highlands Elementary School, one of the top three elementary schools in Naperville belonging to District 203.

If you love being close to restaurants, shopping options and entertainment places, East Highlands is the perfect fit for you. In this community, you get to enjoy the best of city living.

Architectural styles and home sizes

Homes in East Highlands have a gamut of style. You’ll find many homes feature the traditional style, while others showcase the transitional style. There are also a handful of ranch and split style homes.

Then there are those custom made homes, many of which feature a combination of architectural styles.

When it comes to prices, homes for sale in East Highlands run from the upper end of $300,000 up to over a million.

Homes in this neighborhood are spacious, and stand on big lots as well. The current homes for sale range from 2,322 to 10,960 square feet, and these homes stand on 8,477 square feet to almost half an acre. All the space you could ever want are yours to enjoy in East Highlands homes.

Home features and amenities

You’ll be impressed by the professionally landscaped yards of homes in East Highlands. The large front yards are well-kept and the gardens are immaculate.

Most homes also feature open floor plans, along with gleaming hardwood floors, well-appointed living spaces, and massive windows.

You’ll find many homes in this gorgeous community offer 4-6 bedrooms and 3-8 full bathrooms. A large percentage of homes offer at least 1 powder room.

The kitchens in East Highlands homes are large, stunning and fully-equipped with granite counters, stainless steel appliances, and custom cabinets. Most of the kitchens offer kitchen islands, breakfast bars, and breakfast nooks, though there are some that only have breakfast bars. Most of these kitchens also offer special amenities like the butler pantry with cooler and walk-in pantries.

The bathrooms of the homes are amazing, especially the master bedrooms. They are bright, airy, and spacious. Most of them have a separate oversized walk-in shower, a jacuzzi or garden tub, and well-lighted vanity counters.

Formal living rooms, formal dining rooms, family rooms, home offices, and laundry rooms are among the living spaces you’ll find in these abodes.

Another common amenity you’ll find in these homes are the peaceful and serene outdoor living spaces. Paved patios and fire pits are among the favorite features of many homes.

The East Highlands Subdivision offers great location, proximity to Downtown Naperville, a safe and peaceful community, lush parks, and amazing views.

Visit www.RyanHillRealty.com/listings/query.php to see available homes for sale in East Highlands and other subdivisions of Naperville.

Buying a home? Call me, Teresa Ryan, at (630)718-0424. My team and I can help you find your dream home in East Highlands.


In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view East Highlands Naperville Homes for Sale on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj9Qz1ONHLA&feature=youtu.be

Breckenridge Naperville Homes for Sale

Move to Naperville

When you long for the charm of small-town living with the diversity and vibrancy of a big city, Naperville is the place to be. It has a long list of awards, the most recent of which is Livability’s 100 Best Places to Live In, and Niche’s Best Cities to Live In. Its popularity is continually increasing, and there is a growing number of people seeking to establish their residence in this city.

You’ll find many exceptional communities and neighborhoods in this city.

Each community offers something different and unique, so you can easily find your style. If you are looking for a stately home in neighborhoods with beautifully kept landscaped grounds, Breckenridge Estates is the best community for you.

Homes for Sale in Breckenridge Estates Naperville IL

Easy living awaits you in Breckenridge

Breckenridge Estates is a sought-after residential community nestled on the southeast side of Naperville. Built in the 90’s, it is only 11 minutes away from Downtown Naperville and located on the northeast corner of 95th Street and Naperville/Plainfield Road.

Majority of the homes in this neighborhood are single-family homes with a HOA fee of $800.

Residents in Breckenridge enjoy many amenities including a community clubhouse, swimming pool and tennis courts. You get full access to all these and the lockers when you are a resident of this community.

Another favorite among residents are the great parks and playgrounds nearby, especially among families with children. This neighborhood is surrounded by Brook Crossing Park across Plainfield-Naperville Rd, Timber Creek to the south, and Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve to the north.

Aside from the stunning homes and exceptional amenities, another feature which stands out in Breckenridge is its beautiful neighborhood landscaping. The combination of large and well-maintained front yards with lovely homes and tree lined lanes is truly a delightful sight when you stroll around this community.

All school near Breckenridge Estates belong to the highly acclaimed 204 School District.

Homes and features

This neighborhood is known for its stunning homes packed with amenities and exceptional features. Many homes are done in the Traditional or Georgian style, but the rest of the homes are done in different styles, so you can be sure to find one that fits your style.

You’ll find Breckenridge Estate homes to be pristine and ready to move-in, with four to five bedrooms and living spaces ranging from 3,300 – 4,300 square feet.

Many homes feature a combined use of hardwood floors and carpets or tile floors.

Finished basements, home offices, decks, great rooms, and large living areas are also common in homes in this community.

If you enjoy cooking and entertaining, you’ll find the kitchens of many homes in Breckenridge Estates to be bright and spacious, perfect for your needs. Some have large kitchen islands, others have breakfast bars, but all have plenty of storage spaces, immaculate countertops and massive windows that provide lovely views. Several homes have kitchen with custom cabinets.

Many homes also have game rooms and entertainment places, along with fireplaces in family rooms.

All that you want and more are in Breckenridge Homes.

Visit www.RyanHillRealty.com/listings/query.php for more homes in this neighborhood and the surrounding subdivisions.

Call me, Teresa Ryan at (630)718-0424. Allow me to help you find the home of your dreams in Naperville.


In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view Breckenridge Naperville Homes for Sale on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukdmyfnh6ZI&feature=youtu.be